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Damian Muziani

Sports Reporter, Actor, Host, Writer

Damian Muziani is a News and Entertainment professional with skills and experience in nearly every aspect of media production. Having started his career with a degree in communications at William Paterson University, Damian was provided with a foundation of TV & Film production that continues to allow him to develop as a professional in the industry, and is having great fun while doing it!

With a keen interest on broadcast journalism not put to waste, Damian found a position to pursue a career with the Philadelphia Flyers NHL Club as a Media Correspondent, a lifelong dream for many sports enthusiasts and aspiring journalists alike.

Starting in 2007, Damian Muziani worked for a year at the Club to develop and host live hockey video broadcasts while contributing to the team’s website. This experience that allowed him to have opportunities to conduct live interviews with the audience and report for national and local publications. After the Flyers NHL season ended, Damian was asked to host a new morning television program with PHL-17 Television, one of the leading local stations in the city of Philadelphia. He was a host of the “Better Philly” morning program, as well as a writer and segment producer.

During this time, Damian also pursued his career with the Media Directive Group in New Jersey. With MDG, Damian Muziani produced video news, entertainment, and documentary pieces for clients and internal purposes. His production responsibilities included interviews, political commentary, and voiceover work, along with writing, filming, and editing assignments.

Since 2014, Damian Muziani’s work has been centered on anchoring, broadcasting, and social media with Greater Media, Inc. and Townsquare Media, Inc. He continues to work as a sports update anchor and news broadcaster who specializes in the development, writing, and production of segments, ads, and more.

For his multi-layered and downright impressive career, Damian has also been honored with the opportunity to be spokesperson and spokesmodel for the Manhattan Mini Storage business in New York. He beat out over 250 applicants single-handedly and his image as the “Storage Guru” adorned over 30 giant billboards all across the Big Apple.

Outside of his work in broadcasting, Damian Muziani enjoys a thriving acting career and has also gained extensive experience in stand-up comedy and improv. He finds these forms of performance to be as entertaining to himself as it is to his audiences. Check out some of the videos on this site and have yourself a laugh or two.

Damian Muziani is represented by Hudson Artists Agency and managed by BAC Talent, both leading representatives for nationwide talent.  He hopes to follow through in his career in art and media and continues to climb up the industry ladder.

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