Philly Flyers fans love their team, and for good reasons. They have had some great teams over the years. They won back to back Stanley Cups in the 1970s, led by some greats including Clarke, Parent, and Bill Barber. They haven’t had much luck getting to the finals lately, but they are trying with new greats, such as Jeff Carter, Sergei Bobrovsky, and Mike Richards. 

  1. Bobby Clarke

Bobby Clarke is synonymous with the Flyers. He was their captain during their best years, and he won three MVP awards. The Flyers took a chance on him in spite of his small size, and they were rewarded. Once his days as a player were over, he became GM of the team, and he helped them succeed. He is considered the best player in the history of the Flyers. 

  1. Bernie Parent

When Parent was on the Flyers teams that were winning Stanley Cups, he was a true leader. He was a great goaltender. He is still part of the Flyers organization today, and he is known to be a great guy. He helped the Flyers win two Stanley Cups, and he is the greatest goalie the Flyers have ever had. He is still in the organization and is a great role model for younger players. 

  1. Bill Barber

Although Bill Barber had to play in Bobby Clake’s shadow, he was one of the best scorers and a talented forward. He could draw penalties, and he scored 400 goals for the Flyers. In fact, he never scored less than 20 in a season. 

  1. Mark Howe

Mark Howe played for the Flyers in the 80s, and he was a bold defenseman. He was a leader for the team, and one of the best defensemen in Flyer history. He has not yet made the Hall of Fame, but he definitely deserves it. 

  1. John Leclair

John Leclair scored 406 goals, and he was one of the greatest ever. He consistently scored over 40 goals, and he was part of the Legion of Doom. He is loved by fans, even if he was quieter than they would have liked in the playoffs. 

  1. Ron Hextall

This Flyers goalie was a rookie after Lindbergh’s death, and he was a great skater and player. They always said, “Hex Stood Tall,” and in addition to guarding the net, he scored two goals for the team. He won a couple of Stanley Cups, and he was a solid player throughout his career. 

  1. Tim Kerr

In the 1980s, Tim Kerr was one of the best scorers. He is also one of the best for the Flyers. In fact, he scored four goals in one period in a playoff game at the Garden against the Rangers. He also set an NHL record by scoring 34 power play goals in one season.