The importance of the position of quarterback has evolved throughout the years. While it is possible to win without a top-notch quarterback, the slog becomes that much more difficult. It should come as no surprise that the teams with the best quarterbacks are in the hunt year after year.

But who has been the best over the past 10 years? Here are a few names that have stood a cut above the rest of the competition.

Drew Brees

A recent retiree, Brees left the NFL holding the all-time record for touchdowns, completions, yards, and a slew of others. His 13 Pro Bowl appearances should indicate the quality of player that he was during his tenure.

Moreover, he won MVP at Super Bowl XLIV in the Saints’ victory over the Indianapolis Colts. Brees never had the biggest arm, but he may have been the most accurate quarterback to have ever played.

Peyton Manning

The standard for years. He set records for yards and touchdowns in 2013, in a time prior to rules that favored receivers and offenses. Year in and year out, he was statistically one of the best quarterbacks of his era.

He had several MVP-caliber seasons and also led the Colts to a Super Bowl championship. There are few who can match the historical impact that Manning had on the league.

Aaron Rodgers

Some would argue Rodgers is the most talented quarterback of all-time. He has a slew of Pro Bowls under his belt, a Super Bowl title, and a Super Bowl MVP. Moreover, he is the king when it comes to touchdown-to-interception ratio.

When it comes to quarterbacks who throw a lot of touchdowns with very few interceptions, there may be none better all-time than Rodgers.

Tom Brady

The greatest quarterback of all-time. Brady recently captured his seventh Super Bowl championship, his first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. A three-time NFL MVP, he continues to defy Father Time by winning well into his 40s. He returns in 2021 to hunt for Super Bowl ring #8.