When recruiting a student-athlete, coaches look for various traits to help them excel in their chosen field. 

  1. Athleticism

Aside from athletic ability, coaches also look for other factors, such as character and academic performance, to help a student-athlete excel in college.

  1. Good Academics

To be eligible to play sports,  student-athletes must prove that they can thrive academically. In Division I and DI, students are required to complete 16 core courses in high school. After that, they must complete 40 percent of the coursework necessary to earn a degree. If student-athlete fails to meet these educational requirements, they won’t be able to participate in the sport.

  1. Character

Once you’re in college, make sure you can demonstrate that you’re a positive representative of the school. In addition to participating in clubs and volunteering in the community, you should also have letters of recommendation from local leaders.

  1. Good Work Ethic

Athletes must have a strong work ethic to be accepted by college coaches. One way to show that you put in the hours needed to be successful is by recording your workouts and practices. Also, talking about your academic habits and receiving letters of recommendation from teachers and coaches are two other ways to impress the coaches.

  1. Be A Team Player

Being a team player is vital to getting the most out of your college experience. Most first-year students need help to get playing time and break into the team’s top ranks. This is because older teammates have already earned their place. Being a team player can help you overcome the challenges of being a high-profile athlete. Most coaches use this to gain more confidence in their first year. One of the most critical factors a coach can consider when recruiting a student-athlete is ensuring they can compete for a starting position.